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07 December 2020

Customer magazine KUMAlive: COVID-19 and digitization

The second wave of the corona pandemic is rolling through Europe and forcing us again to severely restrict life. While some of these measures hurt, there are also changes that hardly anyone would have expected at the start of the pandemic. An example: for years we sneaked around the topic of digitization, tried something here and there and had a guilty conscience because we knew that we should be much further ahead. But it needed an outside influence that forced us to act. And we see: It works! We communicate very efficiently in virtual space, have developed new business models and services and are ready to break new ground.

In recent years, Microsoft has developed a platform that provides the most modern technology. Which combines all business applications in one database. Which opens wide the gate to the future. Read more on this topic in our cover story.

In our reference reports, we show what it means to bring new technologies such as IoT to the start and use the competitive advantage that they offer. There, customers describe their experiences of how they have approached the topic of digitization from different directions and with larger or smaller steps.


The topics of this issue

  • Cover story: The big leap - COVID-19 and digitization
  • Reference: Transparency at the push of a button - Immobilien Zentrum Unternehmensgruppe Regensburg controls projects with software from KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Customer-specific service: IoT makes it possible - Kraemer Baumaschinen implements IoT project with KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Medical technology made in Germany - ASSKEA relies on its own production and KUMAVISION as ERP software
  • Reference: APP risks - Genesis combines Business Central from the Cloud with apps and Office 365
  • Reference: The digitization tackled - Kemapack GmbH steers with the KUMAVISION industry solution for the wholesale towards IoT
  • Reference: The processes are heated up - Taconova introduces KUMAVISION ERP in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic
  • Reference: Let there be light! - The lighting expert planlicht introduces the business intelligence solution Power BI with KUMAVISION
  • Current: IoT out of the box - implement IoT projects quickly and easily with the KUMA365 IoT services
  • The XRechnung - you have to count on it! The XRechnung will be mandatory for authorities at the end of 2020
  • Knowledge: IoT in practice - what opportunities the Internet of Things opens up
  • News
  • Asked about: online projects - five questions to Carsten Severin
  • KUMAinfo: Locations, Events, Webcasts



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