17. August 2020

WeCare: Online forum on the health market

Because Rehacare, the world's largest trade fair for rehabilitation and care, has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, KUMAVISION is offering all other service providers a digital event where they can find out more about current topics relating to the health market. The online event will take place on Wednesday, September 23.09.2020rd, 10 at 00:XNUMX a.m. A varied program on software topics in the healthcare market awaits the participants, in which they can take part in a relaxed atmosphere from the office or from home. In compact sessions, industry experts convey understandably prepared specialist knowledge on current topics such as e-health, process automation and compliance. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers.

Whether full-service provider, medical supply store, homecare service provider, rehabilitation technology or OT / OST: This event is aimed at all other service providers who want to be brought up to date in 90 minutes and are looking for innovative solutions for their company. The aim of the event is to show the participants solutions with which they can reduce the effort for administrative activities and at the same time increase the efficiency of the processes in the company. In addition, it will be clarified which challenges arise from the new e-prescription and generally from current legal requirements, e.g. during validation. Thanks to the online format, participation saves time, money and CO2.

KUMAVISION ERP is the efficient industry software for the healthcare market. It is based on the technologically leading standard software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and brings with it over 200 industry-specific best practice processes with which you can set your company to a new level of efficiency. You no longer have to laboriously process processes manually. With user-friendly wizards and automated processes from recipe entry to delivery and billing, you can master your business with confidence - economically and organizationally. At the same time, with KUMAVISION, you lay the foundation for consistent cost and performance accounting. In addition, KUMAVISION ERP is fully validatable for other service providers and supports companies across departments in meeting regulatory requirements at home and abroad. You can find out more about WeCare, the online forum for the health market here: www.kumavision.com/wecare


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