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18 March 2020

Corona: KUMAVISION still there for customers - diverse support

KUMAVISION AG has taken a number of measures to protect employees and customers while at the same time ensuring the ability to work as usual. "The message is clear: Even in this challenging situation, we are still there for our customers and provide various technologies and services with which we help to maintain business operations for our customers," explains KUMAVISION board member Markus Birk.

  • All ongoing projects will continue to be supported as usual. The KUMAVISION employees continue to work. We offer our customers a wide range of support to maintain their ability to work.
  • Of course, we implement the official measures recommended by the Robert Koch Institute and can draw on prepared emergency plans and a crisis team.
  • You can reach us as usual via the known communication channels and you can count on our services as before.
  • For the safety of our customers, employees and families, we have reduced the on-site appointments as far as possible and prohibited travel between our locations.
  • Instead, we rely on video conferencing, online training and remote support to continue project work and support.
  • KUMAVISION created the technical and organizational infrastructure a long time ago so that our employees can work in the home office. We offer our employees the greatest possible flexibility and protection. At the same time, we keep our communication channels short and efficient.
  • With Microsoft Teams, we provide our customers with a solution for collaborative work, with which they remain able to work at all times and easily integrate employees in the home office. In addition, we offer a range of additional services for selection, setup and operation for Microsoft Teams.
    For more information, see the webinar recording "Working in the home office with Microsoft Teams

Any questions? Contact us. You can reach us by email at or by phone at +49 800 5862876 (Germany), +41 44 5785030 (Switzerland) and +43 5577 89062-100 (Austria).


 +49 800 5862876