10. March 2020

Creative & agile: the 3rd KUMAVISION hackathon

Under the motto "Come to the nerd side: We have code and coffee", the company-wide hackathon of KUMAVISION took place on March 6 and 7, in which the participants put their own ideas into practice in teams for two days. With “kumAR Vision” and “Worker workplace in the order-to-order production”, two teams were able to secure the victory this year.


Creative development

The hackathon has become a tradition at KUMAVISION, as it is taking place for the third time. The event kicked off on Friday morning with a joint kick-off meeting in which the seven teams and their projects were presented. The topics ranged from text-to-speech meeting notes to the integrated electronic logbook. The aim was to present a functional prototype after two days of development work. The teams not only had to demonstrate their ability to find creative solutions, they also had to show how well they can implement projects together. Because with a prototype and a development time of just under 16 hours, many unexpected problems can arise that can only be solved together.


New technologies in use

As in previous years, the participants used the hackathon format to test new technologies such as augmented reality, bots and smart watches in practice: The team with the catchy name "Watch Out!" Worked on a solution, in which a SmartWatch is integrated as a display and input device in the warehouse processes of the ERP system. At “kumAR Vision” the name was the program: the team of five developed an app that can be used to visually display information such as inventory and availability via AR glasses. Power apps played a central role in three teams: The "CRM Visit Recorder Automation" solution uses Microsoft technology to fill out a form by voice. In the automated “worker workplace in order production”, Power Apps serves as step-by-step instructions for the various work steps. And with the “e-logbook” team, the information on the electronic logbook is gathered using Power Apps. And two teams dealt with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the powerful basis of the KUMAVISION industry solutions, for which a new interface for a project management tool and a performance test for the web client have been developed.


Well connected

The composition of the teams, which includes developers and consultants and project managers, for example, shows that the hackathon is not only interesting for programmers. In addition, employees from different business areas came together. The interdisciplinary team structure paid off because the teams were able to draw on knowledge from various specialist areas. The hackathon also makes an important contribution to cross-location networking: the teams were able to follow the work of the other participants via a live broadcast and were chatted with each other in real time via the Yammer thread.


Two winners

The highlight of the hackathon was the presentation of the results, which were presented to the entire plenary via webcam and conference call, and the subsequent evaluation. In addition to the actual implementation, criteria such as innovative strength and the presentation of the solution were also included in the assessment of the teams. After each team had awarded the five best ideas, it was clear that two teams had won this year. With the "kumAR Vision" solution, the previous year's winners confidently secured themselves first place again, as did the "Worker workplace in one-off order production" team.



The creative format of the hackathon has proven itself over the past three years: the participants can work intensively on a topic of their choice, independent of projects, and thus deepen existing knowledge and learn new skills. In addition, the collaborative software development offers space to implement visionary ideas and pioneering technologies on topics such as IoT, Industry 4.0 or digitization and to test the potential of various solutions in practice. Therefore, the KUMAVISION Hackathon will take place again next year, where the participants can let their creativity and experimentation run free.


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