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09 December 2019

Customer magazine KUMAlive: recipe for success Industry software

Industry and software - two worlds meet. On the one hand the pragmatists who know their business with all the peculiarities, pitfalls and pitfalls. On the other side, the IT experts - theoreticians who can come up with a solution for every challenge. The question is: are these worlds incompatible? Not at KUMAVISION. Our software experts speak the language of the industry. Our consultants are industry experts with IT knowledge. This is how our industry solutions emerged, covering almost all processes in the industry in the standard function scope. And if not, our industry experts will find a pragmatic solution in an eye-level dialogue.

"Say Yes" is on the cover of this issue. And of course, in this issue too, our reference reports deal with companies that said "yes" to a project with KUMAVISION - and did not regret it. There are many background articles for example on agile project management or the new communication platform Microsoft Teams.

The topics of this issue

  • Cover Story: Say Yes 4 - recipe for success Industry Software
  • Cover story: "Development only works in open dialogue" - Interview with Principal Consultant Barbara Aichinger
  • Reference: Consistency thanks to CAD integration - Roll and calender specialist Bellmer GapCon manufactures with KUMAVISION ERP
  • Reference: A project that gets under your skin - Dermatologikum Hamburg introduces KUMAVISION ERP with workflow control and document management
  • Reference: Successful validation - KUMAVISION and VQC Consulting accompany VitalAire in the validation process
  • Reference: Smooth processes - 51 pumping station grows with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Office 365
  • Reference: Automated Lead Management - With Dynamics CRM, Turck Group creates more efficiency and transparency in marketing and sales
  • Reference: Innovation driver - Fichtner digitizes corporate processes with KUMAVISION
  • Current: proactively shaping customer relations - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Knowledge: Microsoft Azure - Cloud-Computing for tomorrow
  • Knowledge: And Scrum did it! The advantages of agile project management methods in practice
  • News
  • Queried: Microsoft Teams - Five questions to Ralf Riethmüller
  • KUMAinfo: Locations, Events, Webcasts



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