11. July 2019

KUMAVISION Double Awarded by ELO: Best Project and Newcomer of the Year

As part of this year's ELO ECM Tour in Heidenheim, KUMAVISION won two prizes: The DMS project implemented by KUMAVISION at Kiefer GmbH was honored as the best project in the Bavarian region. ELO also awarded KUMAVISION the title of "Rising Star of the Year 2018 / 19", also for the region of Bavaria.

"We are very pleased about the two awards from ELO Digital Office GmbH, one of the leading providers of document management systems in the German-speaking world," says KUMAVISION CEO Markus Leuter. "The two awards are a confirmation of the excellent performance of our employees and successful customer projects. But at the same time motivation for the future. "

DMS drives digital transformation

In addition to ERP and CRM software, business intelligence and CloudSolutions, document management systems (DMS) are an important part of KUMAVISION's portfolio. "DMSs play a central role in the digital transformation of the economy across all sectors ", explains Martin Birkhold, DMS / ECM Consultant at KUMAVISION. Under the motto "Finding instead of searching", DMS solutions can easily provide information such as invoices, forms, e-mails, contracts, drawings, etc. company-wide. "Our customers benefit from accelerated processes, processes and at the same time lower costs because time-consuming routine tasks no longer apply", Birkhold sums up the advantages. At the same time, DMS also make an important contribution to increasing process reliability through the incorporation of approval workflows and to meeting regulatory requirements such as GoBD or DSGVO. The basis for this: All business-relevant information is stored in the DMS archive in compliance with the law. By documenting the change history, security and transparency are also provided by team collaboration.

Insight into the practice

How companies profit from digitized processes, the visitors of the ELO ECM Tour were able to participate in the exciting practical lecture given by the Kiefer GmbH experienced. The traditional company from the cleaning industry presented the "project of the year" and showed on the basis of practical examples, such as the digitization of its business processes with ELO and KUMAVISION continues to push forward. "Together with our customer, we analyzed the business processes, optimized them and mapped them in ELO," reports Birkhold. The company manages object data, service specifications and personnel files today with ELO. When planning your assignment, employees can be easily selected based on certification and other qualifications - even while on the move. Kiefer GmbH not only saves costs through efficient processes and seamless integration of the DMS into the ERP software. At the same time, the new DMS solution also increases process reliability. Thus, the system checks whether statutory deadlines - such as working hours or reporting to social security - are met. Another advantage: job applications can be used to create personnel files at the push of a button and initiate further workflows, for example for employee ID cards, company vehicles, etc.

Another program item on the ELO tour was the business solution Pitch, in which KUMAVISION vividly demonstrated how to use the applicant management software ELO HR Recruiting to display job postings and applicant processes comprehensibly and transparently.

Seamless ERP integration

Thanks to the seamless integration of the DMS into the ERP software solutions of KUMAVISION, customers have direct access from the ERP system to the documents, emails and contracts stored in the DMS - regardless of where they were created. Even more efficiency is ensured by the full-text search and keywording as well as electronic workflows that control corporate processes across departments. Maximum transparency and better information capability are the result.

Further information about the DMS from ELO can be found here: https://kumavision.com/dms-elo


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