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26 June 2019

Customer Magazine KUMAlive: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence - for some, that sounds like the future. We, on the other hand, welcome them in the present. thanks to the CloudPlatform Azure from Microsoft not only benefit companies today from pioneering developments such as image recognition, speech recognition or knowledge mining, but also the middle class. The current issue of KUMAlive is dedicated to these new technologies. A decade ago she would have been a science-fiction magazine. Today she gives an exciting look into the practice.

The rapid technological development also leaves its mark on KUMAVISION. Five years ago, when we were still a pure ERP provider, we are now in the midst of a transformation into a platform provider. Of course, for us and our customers, traditional ERP is still the focus of attention. But on the left and on the right side, new topics are always settling down. Artificial intelligence, business intelligence, document management, the Internet of Things: we live in exciting times with new possibilities. And we invest heavily to harness them for our customers.

The topics of this issue

  • Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence - A Fact Check
  • Reference: In impressive form - medical device manufacturer Dreve relies on KUMAVISION
  • Reference: In close contact - KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry ensures more transparency at Krekeler & Losch
  • Reference: From 0 to 100 in a few weeks - Start-up Kardion launches CloudSolution through
  • Reference: More transparency, less costs - Alight calculates, plans and controls projects with project365
  • Reference: Flourished - florist wholesaler Wilhelm Hess introduces KUMAVISION ERP
  • Reference: 235 branches, 3.500 points of sale, one software - arko optimizes branch and wholesale with LS Retail and KUMAVISION
  • News: IT security is top priority - KUMAlive in conversation with IT security expert Sebastian Schreiber
  • Currently: Power BI Training - Becoming a Business Intelligence Professional in Two Days
  • Currently: PowerApps in practice - More productivity through digitized business processes
  • Knowledge: The digital eye - infographic image recognition
  • KUMAinfo: Locations, Events, Webcasts
  • News
  • Queried: Document Management Systems - Five questions to Martin Birkhold



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