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09 July 2018

Review Kundenforum: Digitalization - very concrete

200 customers accepted the invitation to the KUMAVISION customer forum 2018 in order to use the proven platform for dialogue between software developers and users in Stuttgart. In terms of content, the event focused on the topics of digitization and Cloud, Lectures, practical examples and the dialog-oriented user groups on the ERP industry solutions from KUMAVISION provided for a diversified Agenda.

"The Digitalization has been on the agenda of companies for some time now. But the interest in concrete offers has never been greater than now", said KUMAVISION CEO Kay von Wilcken. "The German middle class knows that he has to act now. As a reliable partner, we support our customers with know-how and practical solutions and support them in the implementation of digitization. "How a 4.0 and IoT industry can be used in day-to-day business can be found in a delegation of the customer forum at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation (IPA) live. Scientists, engineers and IT experts are working on putting digitization projects into practice with companies. With Virtual Fort Knox, they have created a cloud-based platform that allows all components - from the ERP system down to the machine level - to communicate directly with each other. This creates completely new possibilities of networked application. "There are huge gains in efficiency here," said Joachim Seidelmann, head of the DigiTools competence center at IPA. With the help of networked systems and data, companies benefit over the entire value chain: products can be manufactured faster, customers can be better taken into account, new business areas and services can be offered.

Enough of the theory

"Enough of the theory, now comes the practice" was the title of the keynote held by KUMAVISION board member Markus Birk at the event. He made it clear that digitization has become a key factor in the competitiveness of the future across all sectors. He used application examples to demonstrate how small IoT applications can have a big impact on a company's organization by speeding up processes and making them more efficient.

Off to the Cloud with Dynamics 365

Cloud-Platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Markus Birk presented the newly created technological base, which was the step into the Cloud It brings together, networks and integrates well-known business solutions such as CRM, ERP or business analytics. With Dynamics 365 A central element is available that covers the basic functions of corporate management. Modules allow the user to expand the system according to his needs. KUMAVISION has already developed a suitable industry solution for the new platform - as one of the first Microsoft partners worldwide. When CloudSolution offers Dynamics 365 Users have yet another great advantage: It is automatically kept up-to-date automatically. Elaborate update projects become superfluous.

Direct dialogue

The focus of the customer forum was on specialist user groups at the Agenda, Distributed by industry, customers gained insights into the evolution of ERP industry solutions, discuss future functional requirements, and shared opportunities with other users and industry experts at KUMAVISION. Market developments within the sectors were also discussed. Numerous short and expert lectures rounded off the diverse program of the customer forum. One of the highlights was the keynote speech "Is 4.0 following the 4.0 industry?" by Professor dr. Gunter Dueck, who deals with the effects of digitization on everyday work.

Positive response

The concept of the customer forum was once again very popular with customers this year. "The guiding idea of ​​the customer forum is to promote the mutual exchange - both between customers and with our industry experts," explains von Wilcken. "This concept is highly valued by our customers and used intensively." This is also confirmed by the results of the accompanying survey, in which all participants were able to give their feedback on the organization, content and process. "We explicitly ask for optimization potential and customer wishes," says von Wilcken. "That's how the customer forum gets better every year and starts right where our customers push the shoe." Among the participants in the survey, a Surface Pro was raffled by Microsoft. The profit went to Markus Leder of the Börsig GmbH.

Mark now: KUMAVISION customer forum 2019 on 2. + 3. April in Stuttgart


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