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18 May 2018

DSGVO toolset for Dynamics NAV

On the 25. In May, the European General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force after a two-year transition period. With the "DSGVO toolset", KUMAVISION offers its customers a supplement to the company software Dynamics NAV, which ensures that companies meet all the requirements of the new ordinance and fulfill the legally required obligations, such as the right to correct.

According to Bitkom is shortly before the deadline of the new General Data Protection Regulation on 25. Only a quarter of companies may be adequately prepared. Most companies are still in the middle of the implementation phase eight days before the cut-off date and, according to their own assessment, state that they will not be able to fully complete them by Friday next week. One of the reasons for this is the past handling of the issue of data protection, which has not been far enough on the top Agenda was standing. But with the tightened penalties of the EU-GDPR, the legislature puts the privacy rights and privacy in the center.

Integrated DSGVO solution

With the DSGVO Toolset, KUMAVISION supports companies in the implementation of numerous duties and ensures that newly added responsibilities can be quickly and easily integrated into existing business processes. By directly integrating the solution into the ERP software, companies profit in several ways: The processing of inquiries takes place directly in the software, contradictions such as the right to be forgotten and legal retention periods are automatically recognized. In addition, companies save time and personnel resources and can therefore significantly reduce the additional work involved in implementation.

No cold start

The basis for the successful implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation is a definition of all tables and fields in the company that contain personal data. The DSGVO toolset is used to provide a setup suggestion, which can be customized with the data protection officer to suit the individual requirements of the company. A clear advantage, because companies start with the implementation of the DSGVO not zero, but can already rely on empirical values.

DSGVO solution from Microsoft

Microsoft has also responded to the introduction of the new EU GDPR and, as part of a valid maintenance contract, provides free functions that allow online DSGVO-compliant queries to be created in Dynamics NAV. The disadvantage: The functions of Microsoft are only available for more current Dynamics NAV versions from 2015 and younger and require a corresponding technical update.

In order to support all Microsoft Dynamics NAV users in implementing DSGVO-compliant tasks, the DSGVO toolset from KUMAVISION does not require an update of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV base. Thus, the solution can be easily used even with older NAV versions. In addition, the extension of KUMAVISION offers a variety of features that are not shown in the standard Microsoft.

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