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29 January 2018

Retail Trends 2018

The branch and retail trade are facing fundamental changes: New payment models, the connection of mobile devices or technologies such as Click & Collect present retailers with new challenges to which they have to adapt. To keep up with this rapid change, retailers need to know today what to expect tomorrow. In our Whitepaper "Retail Trends 2018" we have gathered seven of the most important trends.

Many of the upcoming trends are focused on the competition between online and stationary retail: specialized shops that combine a special customer service with selected products, experience stores where you can experience the products, or the extension of the original core business to include complementary business areas such as Cafés or hotels offer customers real added value. This move towards activities around the world of products fulfills people's basic need for experiences, while increasing customer retention in the store.

In addition, modern technologies play an important role. Augmented and virtual reality open up imaginative worlds where customers can experience products immersively: live mirrors that present products to individual customers, digital counters and interactive apps are just a few examples. Smartwatches, which belong to the so-called "wearables", will be used in more and more areas of everyday life in the future and offers numerous opportunities for the retail trade: In addition to the sale of these products, it is mainly the customer data obtained, which make important To derive findings.

But even behind the sales counter changes a lot: Through the software from the Cloud Retailers have access to the latest technical services, such as product recommendation tools and data analysis, at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

Customers are also increasingly looking for products that are handmade and unique. In addition, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing is becoming increasingly important; transparent disclosure of the supply chain is only a first step.

In our Whitepaper Learn more about Retail Trends 2018 and how retailers can use them for themselves.


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