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20 December 2016

Customer magazine KUMAlive: Megatrends

In the Network of Digitization: Like Industry 4.0, Cloud, Business Analytics and Computing Everywhere are changing the future of corporate management

Megatrend - that sounds like a catwalk, avant-garde clothing and elegant accessories. Few would suspect ERP and CRM software in this context. But it is precisely here that developments are emerging that call into question almost everything that was taken for granted until recently. Mobility, Business Analytics, Cloud and Industry 4.0 push the boundaries of what is possible and demand attention, flexibility and the willingness to change something from medium-sized companies. You can read how KUMAVISION assesses the megatrends and reacts to them in our cover story.

Even beyond these megatrends, KUMAVISION keeps its finger on the pulse. In retail, for example, where retailers and chain stores are currently looking for their place in an industry that has been turned upside down by e-commerce. With LS NAV, we have software in our portfolio that provides numerous answers here.

The topics of this issue

  • In a nutshell: Healthcare area certified to ISO 9001: 2015, Munich location with a new address
  • Cover story: In the network of digitization. How megatrends are changing the future of corporate management and ERP software.
  • Reference: Engaged. The RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik GmbH becomes more flexible with KUMAVISION ERP and benefits from more transparency.
  • Reference: Perfect mix. MTI Mischtechnik is growing with KUMAVISION's ERP solution for mechanical engineering.
  • ERP up-to-date: ZUGFeRD - optimized processes through electronic invoices.
  • Knowledge: 10 retail trends for 2017 New technologies - (not only) for retail
  • Reference: Always at your service. WiSMa GmbH, a universal service provider for numerous clinics, relies on the ERP solution from KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Worldwide brand staging. KECK introduces ERP software for trade fair construction.
  • Inquiry: Megatrends: challenge and opportunity. Five questions for KUMAVISION CEO Kay von Wilcken

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