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Customer magazine KUMAlive: SmartStart – Get there faster with Ready2Go solutions

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Every beginning is difficult! This also and especially applies to the introduction of ERP software and other business solutions. Because mistakes made in the initial phase often run through the entire project. With SmartStart, we have developed a procedure that minimizes these sources of error. You work with a completely preconfigured industry solution right from the start and can therefore fully concentrate on optimizing your business processes. In the cover story of this issue, you can read how you not only save time with our SmartStart packages, but also reduce the cost and quality risk. In addition, we will show you how customers with KUMAVISION industry software benefit from a short time-to-value and drive the digitization of their company. Not just with ERP software, but also with business intelligence applications, CRM solutions for sales and marketing, and mobile apps for field service.

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  • [Reference] One app for all cases: Eisbär Dry Technology connects office and field work with Microsoft Power Apps
  • [Reference] Vests that save lives: Zoll Medical relies on KUMAVISION for patient care across Europe
  • [Reference] Fast internet, fast project: The fiber optics Northwest Connect introduces KUMAVISION ERP with agile methods
  • [Reference] The Perfect Flow: Novatec Consulting GmbH controls sales and marketing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • [Reference] Complete offer: LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are strategically placed at Nielsen
  • [Reference] Well embedded: Bachofen AG stays close to the standard with KUMAVISION
  • [Reference] Networked worldwide! RFID manufacturer Elatec is introducing an internationally standardized ERP environment with KUMAVISION
  • [Interview] Shaping the future with agility: Interview with the KUMAVISION board
  • [Digitization in practice] What companies should pay attention to in business intelligence projects
  • [News] SaaS solution for 2.000 employees: Fichtner Group goes into the Cloud
  • [Infographic] One platform for all tasks: The Microsoft ecosystem for business applications
  • [Interview] How to successfully shape digitization: Five questions for Andrea Fiedler

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