LS NAV Hospitality - The integrated end-to-end software for restaurants, restaurants, catering and takeaways.

With the industry-leading LS NAV hospitality hospitality solution, you can stay flexible, increase service speed, and benefit from a cash register system that's tailored to your business needs. Among other things, LS NAV Hospitality manages the reservations of the guests, the tables, recipes and menus. Mobile terminals, point-of-sale terminals and kitchen printers manage the restaurant's entire operating business.

A software solution for the entire gastronomy

Whether sophisticated gastronomy, casual dining, system catering, catering & cafeterias or delivery service & takeaway - with the appropriate, integrated LS NAV solution, the back office, merchandise management, POS systems and warehouse logistics are linked together: for a comprehensive overview of your operations, and a permanent reduction from running costs. LS NAV Hospitality is developed by LS Retail and is used in catering worldwide.

Your advantages with LS NAV in gastronomy

  • Reduce IT costs and increase efficiency
  • Satisfied customers through improved service
  • Optimized creation of menus
  • Detailed requirements planning
  • Easy access with cash registers to all data
  • Uniform POS system for the whole company
  • Time savings through wireless handhelds
  • Flexible design of price mechanisms
  • Fast training of new employees thanks to intuitive interface
  • Versatile evaluations

LS NAV Hospitality: You ask - we answer

You would like to know more about the possibilities of LS NAV for your company? In our FAQs to the hospitality software you will find the answers!

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Industry-specific functions for the catering industry

LS NAV is the perfectly coordinated software for the entire catering industry based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Numerous tried-and-tested industry-specific functions ensure well-thought-out processes in the catering, restaurants and catering sectors and thus greater competitiveness.

Accelerated service

Receive orders and payments quickly and conveniently on mobile POS terminals. The menu is maintained centrally in the back office of LS NAV and automatically updated.

Optimized processes

All orders are available at a glance. LS NAV helps you to prepare and serve food and drinks in the right order, at the right time

Exact evaluations

Turnover, number of guests, favorites, expenses, individual statistics: LS NAV enables diverse and clearly arranged evaluations of all transactions at the press of a button including Excel export.

Individual service

Make special orders and changes to dishes, meals and menus directly on the POS terminal. Options such as alternative menu sequences or additional toppings can be stored directly in LS NAV.

Always informable

Inform your guests directly when ordering allergenic substances subject to labeling. Changes to the back office automatically update the POS terminals.

Integrated system

As an integrated system, LS NAV maps all processes in one software. Orders are automatically transmitted to the kitchen and beverage service, reducing the error rate permanently.

Efficient guest management

Use LS NAV to easily and conveniently manage table occupancy, service and reservations. Invoices can be combined or split between different people in a group.

Transparent stockpiling

LS NAV brings a complete inventory management. Get inventory in real time. Automatically receive alerts on low-end items. Use LS NAV to handle purchases, orders and complete communication with your suppliers.

Future-proof solution

LS NAV is based on the globally used Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and is further developed by the catering specialist LS Retail and adapted to new technologies and legal requirements.

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