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The ERP solution for sports clubs

The integrated ERP software for sports clubs

Today, clubs are faced with a multitude of tasks that go beyond pure game operation: membership figures in the five-digit range, state-of-the-art multifunctional arenas, thrilling fan shops and worlds of experience, multi-faceted cooperation with sponsors and partners, international marketing activities and new digital service offerings.

KUMAVISION offers sports clubs an ERP industry software tailored to their needs, which is perfectly prepared for all tasks: Modules tailored to the requirements of sports clubs cover all club areas in one solution as standard - from cash registers to shops and restaurants to complete administration including inventory management and financial accounting. The ERP software is based on the LS Retail platform that is used around the world and has been developed on Microsoft Dynamics. This means: Sports clubs have access to the latest technology at all times and can rely on guaranteed support over many years. The decision in favor of a standard solution facilitates updates, replaces isolated systems and creates the basis for cross-departmental processes and club-wide controlling.

With KUMAVISION and LS Retail you get the perfect solution for all challenges:

  • How do we increase the fan connection?
  • How do we network fan shops, online shops and social media?
  • How do we manage complex membership and contribution structures?
  • How do we organize unforgettable events?
  • How do we involve external service providers?
  • How do we plan assignments, shifts and vacations?
  • How do we gradually solve island solutions?
  • How do we get all-inclusive metrics in real time?

Integrated software for all club areas

With KUMAVISION, sports clubs benefit from the advantages of a fully integrated ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics: All departments and all users use a uniform software and database. So all employees have access to all information at all times - no matter which device they work with. The result: consistent processes with transparent figures, cross-functional workflows and time-saving automatisms.

Cash desk / PoS

Online Store



With KUMAVISION, clubs are optimally positioned for the future

KUMAVISION offers sports clubs an integrated software solution based on Microsoft
Dynamics, which covers all tasks and allows numerous synergy effects.
At the same time they create inspiring experiences in the stadium - not only for fans.

Top Usability

Intuitive Microsoft interface,
short training periods

Optimized processes

Higher profitability through
accelerated processes

Perfect fan service

Outstanding club experience
over all channels

Consistent transparency

Retrieve sales, key figures
evaluate, calculate margins

Maximum flexibility

Modular construction,
gradual introduction

Limitless mobility

More revenue through omni-channel
Solutions (Mobile, Online, Stationary)

One software for all requirements

The ERP solution from KUMAVISION offers various modules for all areas of responsibility of sports clubs, which are perfectly prepared for the challenges of the industry with numerous best-practice processes.


With the ERP solution from KUMAVISION, sports clubs can cover all merchandising in shops and stadiums. The retail module runs hardware-independent on all coffers and increases not only the sales, but also the fan connection through functions for cross- and upselling as well as individual recommendations. At the same time, the software controls the entire logistics chain in the background, including purchasing, warehousing, pricing and personnel administration.  

Everything at a glance

Flyer ERP software for sports clubs

The modular design offers numerous advantages:

  • The ERP software can be introduced gradually. Proven partial solutions can be retained and supplemented by new modules.
  • If necessary, the solution can be extended by the desired modules at any time.
  • Isolated solutions are replaced by the integrated ERP software.
  • Extensive individual development is not necessary, since standard industry-specific procedures and tasks are already covered by the standard.
  • Updates are easy to perform without major intervention.

In addition, the ERP software for sports clubs has an open interface concept that enables uncomplicated connection to ticketing systems, payment solutions such as cashless stadium tickets, digital signage and mobile apps.

Competence for sports clubs

With KUMAVISION you benefit from many years of experience and experience comprehensive industry knowledge in the retail and event sector. With the numerous best practice processes you profit from the beginning and are perfectly supported in all activities.

25 years experience

2.000 ERP and CRM projects

850 employees

25 locations

Since 2017, the KUMAVISION Group has been pooling the activities of KUMAVISION AG and EOS Solutions. The KUMAVISION Group is the world's largest Dynamics integration partner. The proven basis Microsoft Dynamics and active product development in conjunction with a strong service and support team guarantee maximum future and investment security.

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