Medical supply store: Discharge management goes digital

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Wolfgang Renner

Wolfgang Renner

Heads the health market and medical technology department of KUMAVISION and is also responsible for quality management in this function

With the introduction of the electronic health card or the e-prescription, digitization in the healthcare sector continues to gain momentum. And digitized processes are also becoming increasingly important for smoothly functioning discharge management. Because thanks to more efficient processes and an optimized use of resources, other service providers can not only reduce costs, but also increase service quality. So far, however, there has been no common communication platform for clinics, doctors, health insurances, patients, relatives and other service providers, and the exchange of data is also not clearly defined. Other service providers are therefore faced with the challenge of mapping discharge management independently. This can be achieved with ERP industry software, mobile apps and bots.

In this blog article you will learn how other service providers can use modern software solutions to map regulatory, organizational and commercial requirements and thus optimize processes in the long term.


ERP as an information platform

Whether monitoring the dispensing of bandages, medicines and aids in the smallest packaging unit or automatically requesting follow-up prescriptions: Industry software supports other service providers in complying with the regulatory requirements. In addition, the ERP software ensures that all necessary aids are available on time for the discharge date. This is ensured not only by the integrated tour and route planning, but also by an overview of the real availability of aids, which automatically takes into account the processing times for cleaning, maintenance or the repair of loaned equipment. This means that you can see at any time which care bed or wheelchair will be vacated and when it will be available for new patients. But the ERP software is also an indispensable instrument for corporate management and control: from resource utilization and the availability of tools to liquidity planning, reliable data form the basis for operational and strategic decisions.

 Digital transformation in discharge management


Mobile apps in use

Whether visiting patients in the hospital or at home: In the field, mobile apps that are directly connected to the industry software provide valuable help. All necessary information for the admission of the patient as well as the articles and services required for the care, such as dimensions for compression stockings, can be recorded quickly and easily. This saves other service providers valuable time, as there is no need to transfer the data manually. Thanks to the automatic transmission of the data to the ERP software, all information is also available directly to the back office. Conversely, the sales representatives also have access to all relevant information about patients at any time - even without a permanent internet connection. Another advantage of mobile apps: data protection declarations or special requests that are subject to a surcharge can be easily acknowledged with digital signatures and photos allow uncomplicated documentation of the conditions on site.


Bots answer inquiries

In exchange with clinics, doctors, health insurance companies, patients and relatives, other service providers have to answer numerous inquiries, for example whether a certain care is possible on a certain date. Thanks to text and voice recognition as well as the direct connection to the industry software, bots can automatically answer such initial information via chat messages or telephone and trigger follow-up processes such as the procurement of an item from the central warehouse. That saves time and money. In addition, employees are relieved of routine administrative tasks and companies can provide information outside of business hours, at least for standard cases.

Step-by-step approach

A strategic and step-by-step approach makes sense for digitization to succeed in discharge management. This ensures that there is enough time to adapt and optimize existing processes and to involve employees. When choosing software, you should also rely on flexible and future-proof technology so that you are well prepared for future developments such as digital marketplaces or access to hospital information systems.

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