CRM software as a key element of the digitization strategy

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Wolfgang Renner

Wolfgang Renner

Heads the health market and medical technology department of KUMAVISION and is also responsible for quality management in this function

Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on customers or potential customers. Modern CRM solutions not only make it possible to digitize previously paper-based processes in sales, marketing and service, but also to strengthen customer relationships, relieve employees of time-consuming routine tasks and improve corporate management through a uniform process landscape.

The specialist article from the MTD magazine (issue 8/2022) shows fields of action from practice - not only for companies in the medical technology and healthcare market. In many cases, the use cases can also be transferred to other industries.

Also in the focus of the specialist article: Choosing the right technology platform, not only to seamlessly network back office and field service, but also to connect other applications such as ERP software to the CRM software in order to avoid data silos.

Specialist article "CRM as a key element of the digitization strategy" (PDF)