Compliance Check – Sanctions Check for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Testing all your contacts for conformity with export control legislation, US prohibited & early warning lists, and European anti-terrorism regulations (EC 881/2002 and 2580/2001)

Compliance check

Sanction audit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

App Compliance Check

All contacts are checked against sanctions lists

Contact matching made easy – directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central

Legally compliant logging

Automatic Sanctions List Matching

The Compliance Check App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically checks all your business contacts. Companies with international business contacts must ensure that there are no relationships whatsoever with sanctioned persons, associations, or organizations. A broad range of different sanctions lists which are compared against the company's own address lists are used for this purpose. The Compliance Check tuns this complex task into a fully automated process. This ensures that your company is compliant with the statutory requirements.

sanction list checking

The following lists are used for the sanctions check:

The Compliance Check App enables you to perform various checks:
  • Manual checks of single addresses or persons
  • Ad-hoc checks when creating a new contact
  • Peridoc master data checks
  • Automatic checks during processes such as the creation of quotations, invoices, or contracts

Preview of the App

If the sanctions list detects a matching address, the affected contacts can be blocked automatically. In addition, the Compliance Officer can be notified by e-mail to further process the suspected case. The results of each completed check are logged in a legally compliant manner and can be exported to various file formats.

Costs: Flexible and Transparent

With the Compliance Check App, you can quickly and easily compare your own address list against all international sanctions lists, and at the same time benefit from a transparent cost model: By purchasing packages with hundreds to thousands of queries, you get full flexibility – if you need more, you can easily book additional packages.

Your advantage: No monthly fees, you only pay for the service you actually use. All updates for data sets and the application itself are already included.


45 €
300 €
450 €
1350 €

Advantages for your company


No more time-consuming, manual list matching required


Complete logging of every check


Always up-to-date sanction lists and automatic blocking of contacts


Automatic check performance at self-determined intervals

Transparent costs

Flexible Pay-Per-Use payment model

Integration into Dynamics 365 Business Central

Inclusion of the sanction check into corporate processes and procedures

Instant result

Direct display of the check result in the case or master data set


Creation of individual workflows


Authorizations for the performance of checks

Full system integration

The Compliance Check App is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This allows you to work on the familiar user interface, benefit from consistent processes and always act in a compliant manner: By integrating the sanction check into all master data and business processes, blocked contacts are displayed directly in the process, or when master data is created. Through this, the app reliably ensures that no delivery to blocked contacts can occur.

Simple installation

No license fees

Free trial period


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